Nancy Rabalais is the Mother of Dead Zones


 Nancy Rabalais is the Mother of Dead Zones by Blue Frontier | March 25, 2024In the latest episode of Rising Tide, along with Blue News, David and Vicki talk with Dr. Nancy Rabalais from Louisiana State University. Nancy’s been called ‘the mother of dead zones’ in that her decades of research has helped define the Gulf of Mexico’s [...]

NOAA 2023 Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ Teleconference


NOAA, partners to report on 2023 Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ monitoring cruise In June, NOAA scientists issued a forecast for this summer's dead zone — an area characterized by low to no oxygen levels that can kill fish and other marine organisms. This year’s forecast estimated a dead zone extent of approximately 4,155 square [...]

Top of Mind with Julie Rose


Top of Mind with Julie Rose The Dead Zone Guest: Nancy Rabalais, PhD, Professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Shell Oil Endowed Chair in Oceanography/Wetland Sciences, Louisiana State University, Distinguished Research Professor, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium The dead zone is a mass of water the size of New Jersey just off the [...]

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