Dr. Rabalais’ Research Highlighted in “Science” Magazine

By Josh Collins
February 28, 2001

“Science” Magazine Writes Article About Nancy Rabalais Congratulations to Dr. Nancy “Queen of the Dead Zone” Rabalais, who was featured in the February 9 issue of “Science” Magazine as perhaps the most regarded scientist when dealing with the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The article, “The Dead Zone’s Fiercest Crusaders”, by Dan Ferber, speaks about Nancy’s stance on the issue of the Dead Zone and hypoxia, some of the reasons why she became interested in this topic, and her determination to make society aware of the situation in the Gulf. As stated by Robert Diaz from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, “If it wasn’t for her, no one in Washington would have realized there was a dead zone.” A copy of the magazine is available to order online (hard copy or download) for about $5.00. However, http://www.sciencemag.org/content/vol291/issue5506/#newsweek is where you can find a copy of the article if you subscribe to the magazine’s online service. (9 February 2001; Vol. 291 # 5506; Pages 933-1144)