A Nice Day To Be On the Water

By Josh Collins
March 30, 2001

Dr. Rabalais’ group took a trip on the Acadiana to replace their existing mooring with an identical one on the 22nd. This is the site for three YSI meters that measure such things as dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature at three vertical points in the water column. The existing mooring was about three years old and encrusted with all sorts of creatures. It was brought back to the facility and then taken to LSU. This new mooring will help to continue logging important data for years to come. The setup consists of a ballast (approx. 750 lbs.) that serves as an anchor and rests on the seafloor at approximately 20 meters, a metal disc, which serves as a tether point about 8meters below the surface, and a buoy that sits 6 meters below the surface, all connected by a cable. Along this cable are the three YSI meters at suspended points in the water column. This apparatus is tethered to a nearby oilrig at two points. Mainienance to the mooring consisted of replacing all parts, including the three meters. The permanent site for this mooring is about 30 miles out from Cocodrie. It was a quick, profitable trip for the crew, marked by nice weather and flat seas.