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2021 Shelfwide Cruise: July 25 - August 1

Principal Investigators

Dr. Nancy Rabalais, LSU&LUMCON, Chief Scientist

Additional Investigators

We were smooth sailing up to this summer’s cruise. But, there is an accelerating uptick in the number of COVID cases in the state of Louisiana. Right now all crew are required to have a COVID test. Too many vaccinated people are testing positive for COVID. We’ll see if the participant list changes.

Our science crew participants this summer are:

Dr. Nancy Rabalais, Louisiana State University (LSU) & Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON), Chief Scientist Dr. Cassandra (Cassie) Glaspie, Assistant Professor LSU, opposite Co-Chief Scientist Dr. Jennifer Brum, Assistant Professor LSU Gina Woods, LUMCON Research Assistant and Lab Manager for the Pelican Jill Tupitza, LSU Graduate Student with Dr. Glaspie Sophie Jorgensen, LSU Graduate Student with Dr. Brum Robert Lowery, LSU Graduate Student Rachel Steffen, University of Georgia graduate student (Dr. Mandy Joye, in absentia) Dr. Leslie Smith, Your Ocean Consulting, Inc., Data Manager (on land)