Shelfwide Cruise 2017-01-25T08:18:09+00:00

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2017 Shelfwide Cruise: July 24 - July 31

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Principal Investigators

  • Nancy N. Rabalais, LSU & LUMCON, Principal Investigator, Chief Scientist
  • Gene Turner, LSU, Principal Investigator

Additional Investigators

  • Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
    • Wendy Morrison, Senior Research Associate, Co-Chief Scientist
    • Logen Pietraroia, Research Assistant
    • Claire Windecker, Research Assistant
  • Louisiana State University
    • Andrea Price, Visiting Scientist
    • Tom Aepelbacher, Research Associate
    • Matt Kupchik, Post Doctoral Associate
    • Celeste Lanclois, Graduate Student


  • The final dissolved oxygen data will be corrected, as necessary, from linear regression with the Winkler titrations over a range of 0.22 to 8.43 mg/L. Initial observations indicate correction, but the f-factor for the Winkler standard remains to be verified. Any corrected data will be reflected in other derived measurements.
  • Salinity data not yet verified with PortaSal samples.
  • CTD data remain to be post-processed with ALIGN CTD to be applied.
  • Instrumentation was calibrated pre- and post-cruise according to manufacturer's specifications and standard method procedures were applied for several variables, not yet calculated, according to several LUMCON EPA-approved Quality Assurance Project Plans.
  • Data collected as part of process studies remain to be analyzed and synthesized.
  • Final QA/QC'd data will be submitted to NOAA NODC within two years of collection.