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2010 Shelfwide Cruise: July 24 - July 31

Daily 2010

Photo Gallery

A good day

A not so good day

Almost end of day


Black gold that is

Brendan takes theme seriously

Brendan wonders did he add the acid

C6B home to forams and long-term benthos data

C6C home to 3 oxygen meters

Capt'n Craig

CTD and YSI team


Does she know what she's doing

Dualing guitars2

Dueling guitars1

Geek Squad sent Jordan

Gene and Jim man the box core

Geoff sucks up nitrate

Good day for box coring

Headed home

Hi tech surface water collector

Jenn reads about forams

Jim tries to remember nutrient number

Jordan takes up knitting

Just waiting to start

Leslie has first alligator enroute to Cocodrie

Liar liar pants on fire These are not 6 to 8

Looped dee loops and low O2

Lora continues to eat pencils

Lora eats pencils

Man and his rad van

Mayra wants to run the winch

Mo' mojito

Mucho Chl under full moon


mud.Craig stays cool and far from mud

mud.Finally get to play

mud.Foram speak

mud.Geoff stays away from mud in white shirt

mud.How many benthons does it take to ...

mud.How many benthos does it take to .... 2

mud.Is that really mud

mud.Jack makes it work

mud.Jack's view

mud.Jenn captures wild forams

mud.Nancy anticipates and Lora dreams HAZMAT diving

mud.No Leslie it's not a midnight snack fudgecicle

mud.Not Narragansett mud

mud.Pirates love mud

mud.Waiting for mud

mud.Water column Philip discovers mud

mud.Water column Xinping discovers mud

Nancy and jenn
Not Found: "Nancy shows Thomas a real map with Lat&Lon.jpg"
Nancy shows Thomas a real map with Lat&Lon

Nancy waiting for last station 0630

Night crew + one day

Night shift

No caption needed

No wonder it's bumpy 27-28 July 2010

Not BenCole's leg

Now that's low O2

Oil Spill Map

Pelican meeets Ferrel in Miss R

Photo competition

Pirate and accomplice

Pirate Jenn

Pirate Leslie

Pirate Nancy

Pirate Thomas

Pirate Wendy

Pirates backdeck

Pirates booty1

Pirates booty2

Pirates Plank

Ready for oil

Res asst goes south

Research asst for Winklers

Research asst lets Lora work

Riding the waves

Since 1985

Someone has to keep the day crew in shape


Tad and Kelly

Too scared to go outside

Tropical Depression Bonnie 23 Jul (1)

Tropical Depression Bonnie 24 Jul (2)

We want more data

Wendy at end of night shift

Willing no more low O2 on trans T

Wonder what the theme is this year

xCO2 peaks out at 1720

Xinping sucks up CO2

Disclaimer: Data Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • The final dissolved oxygen data will be corrected, as necessary, from linear regression with the Winkler titrations over a range of 0.22 to 8.43 mg/L. Initial observations indicate correction, but the f-factor for the Winkler standard remains to be verified. Any corrected data will be reflected in other derived measurements.
  • Salinity data not yet verified with PortaSal samples.
  • CTD data remain to be post-processed with ALIGN CTD to be applied.
  • Instrumentation was calibrated pre- and post-cruise according to manufacturer's specifications and standard method procedures were applied for several variables, not yet calculated, according to several LUMCON EPA-approved Quality Assurance Project Plans.
  • Data collected as part of process studies remain to be analyzed and synthesized.
  • Final QA/QC'd data will be submitted to NOAA NODC within two years of collection.