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2008 Shelfwide Cruise: July 21 - July 27

Dissolved Oxygen Map 2008


  • NGOMEX06: Integrated Observational Studies of Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • NGOMEX06: Modeling of Oxygen Dynamics and Biological Processes
  • Distribution and Potential Toxicity of the Diatom Pseudo-nitzschia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Critical Biogeochemical Processes in the Atchafalaya River Delta
  • Microphytobenthos and Benthic Processes
  • Foraminiferans as Indicators of Historical Hypoxia


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, Grant No. NA06NOS4780197 to N.N. Rabalais at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium and to R.E. Turner, C. Li, G.A. Greg at Louisiana State University; NOAA CSCOR to D. Justic and B. Fry at LSU; Louisiana Board of Regents to Sibel Bargu at LSU and N.N. Rabalais at LUMCON; Louisiana Board of Regents to B. Roberts and N.N. Rabalais, and University of Iowa for J. Schnoor.

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