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2007 Shelfwide Cruise: July 20 - July 27

Gulf of Mexico Map

Photo Gallery


Bottom O2 StaC6C

Chief Scientist

Mississippi River Discharge 2007

Updated Size Chart


A Wave Is Worth A Thousand Photos

At Anchor

Barataria Mainland

Bottle-nosed Dolphins 1

Bottle-nosed Dolphins 2

Bottle-nosed Dolphins 3

Brandon and Isotope Samples

Brenda With Respiration Baked Potatoes

Brenda and Isotope Samples

Budding Scientist

Calm Day Isle Dernieres

Captn Dave

Echiuran Worm

Echiuran Worm and Captor

Engineer Jack

First Mate Joe




Hard at Work

Hypoxia Art1

Hypoxia Art2

Hypoxia Art3

Hypoxia Art4

Hypoxia Art5

Hypoxia Art7

Hypoxia Art8

Hypoxia Art9

Infauna Diopatra Tube

Infauna Squilla

Infauna Tellina

Infauna with Macrofauna

Jack in Control

Jenn Working CTD

Jenn and Sediment Core

Jim Lee Prepares

Lora Loves Chlorophylls

Mahi Mahi Good Luck Charm

Mahi Mahi School

Melissa Water Sampling

Nancy Ready to Go

Off Duty

Oil Platform

Oxycline I3 printout

Oxycline I3 screen 018


Photo Gallery


Portunus gibbesii

Rabalais on Winkler

Ross Recovers

Ross taking plankton tow

Shark Poses Again

Sleeping Beauty

Southwest Pass

Sponge Bob Helps Adam Map


Station Log

Sun Down Day1

Sun Up Day3

Sundown Day4


Weather Deteriorates

Weather Deteriorates More

Weather Improves of course

What Happens When Alex Cooks

What Happens when ET Cooks

Winkler or Winks

The Crew

The End