Peak Soil: Why cellulosic ethanol, biofuels are unsustainable and a threat to America

Published on 10 Apr 2007 by Culture Change. Archived on 13 Apr 2007 by Energy Bulletin

By Alice Friedemann

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"The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself." – President Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Part 1. The Dirt on Dirt.
Part 2. The Poop on Ethanol: Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI)
Part 3. Biofuel is a Grim Reaper.
Part 4. Biodiesel: Can we eat enough French Fries?
Part 5. If we can’t drink and drive, then burn baby burn. – Energy Crop Combustion
Part 6. The problems with Cellulosic Ethanol could drive you to drink.
Part 7. Where do we go from here?
Appendix. Department of Energy’s Biofuel Roadmap Barriers

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