ES&Ts Best Papers of 2008

By Jerald L. Schnoor
March 4, 2009; Environmental Science and Technology

In 2008, ES&T published more than 1300 papers on a wide range of topics. But which papers were the top papers, the best of the year?
This year, our associate editors nominated papers that they felt were of the highest caliber. These are papers expected to have a significant and long-lasting impact on the field. A subcommittee from our editorial advisory board chaired by David Sedlak pored over the nominations to create a short list for consideration in each category: environmental science, technology, and policy. I had the difficult task of trying to choose the best of the best.
We hope this brings special recognition to you, our authors, and focuses attention on your high-quality papers. The Best Paper Awards are an annual event announced online ahead of this print issue. Each author receives a certificate of recognition and our heartiest congratulations.

Environmental Science

Top Paper
Turner, R. E.; Rabalais, N. N.; Justic, D. Gulf of Mexico hypoxia: Alternate states and a legacy. 2008, 42 (7), 2323−2327.