Average Size “Dead Zone” in Anything but an Average Year

Average Size "Dead Zone" in Anything but an Average YearPRESS RELEASE, JULY 26, 2004 The coast-wide extent of the Louisiana "dead zone" mapped this week is slightly larger than average at 15,040 km2 (5,800 square miles). The long-term average since mapping began in 1985 is 13,000 km2 (5,000 square miles). The river flow and the [...]

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Anoxic Water To Shore in Belle Pass

Anoxic Water To Shore in Belle PassJuly 2004To: mschexnayder@agcenter.lsu.edu, aarousse@dhh.la.gov, Dguilbea@dhh.la.gov, Jantoon@dhh.la.gov, wmorrison@lumcon.edu, Banks_PD@wlf.state.la.us, Bourgeois_MJ@wlf.state.la.us, awold@theadvocate.com, Schleifstein_M, cburdeau@ap.org, nrle@ap.org, Pausina_RB@wlf.state.la.us, hblanchet@wlf.state.la.us, Karen.Gautreaux@la.gov,dvincen@dhh.la.gov, DMJohnson@msoneworleans.uscg.mil, Foote_K@wlf.state.la.us, mikelif@lsu.edu, Roussel_JE@wlf.state.la.us, jhorst@agcenter.lsu.edu,bchampion@dhh.la.gov, Hanifen_J@wlf.state.la.us, Dunne_Mike, St.Pe_Kerry, Tim.Orsi@ncddc.noaa.gov, frnaquin@dhh.la.gov, Jantoon@dhh.la.gov, rrobicha@dhh.la.gov, <wmorrison@lumcon.edu, Banks_PD@wlf.state.la.us, quay.dortch@noaa.gov, Chris.Piehler@la.gov, bchampion@dhh.la.gov, Hardcastle_BT@wlf.state.la.us From: Nancy Rabalais <nrabalais@lumcon.edu>Subject: Re: notice from surfers @ FourchonlAll, I did not have an [...]

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